Citius Altius Nerdius. Faster… Higher… Nerdier.

Of course, we don’t go faster or higher in any way. And we’re not really nerdy enough to get the Latin correct. But still. We like the name, inspired as it is by the much-encompassing Goliath of the sporting world that got us obsessed with the idiosyncratic, and anachronistic minutiae of sport in the first place.

This is a website that goes beyond the surface of sport to dig around in its unloved corners (with an unashamed bias towards athletics and all things Olympian). It’s not about the results or the stars or the stories as such. Or at least, it’s not about any of that unless they form part of a laboriously researched graph or create a pattern that nobody with anything useful to do with their life would ever spot.

This is a website that has put in the leg work to find out if any Olympic final has ever been colour-coordinated, that is, in which all competitors were flying flags that had the exact same colours. The question is “why would you even think of that, let alone spend a Sunday finding out?”. The answer – to the original poser – is yes.
You’re looking at the third iteration of Citius Altius Nerdius which previously lived on Tumblr in 2016 (with articles focussed on the Olympics) and Medium in 2017 (a dedicated ‘magazine’ written for the 2017 IAAF Athletics World Championships). You can find all the content created back then on here with the typos tidied up and some extra jokes. Now, for 2018, the weird obsessive sports stuff is going it alone and keen to grow.

All research is original (unless otherwise stated) and based on publicly available information sources. All images are out of copyright, licensed under creative commons or similar. Or at least that’s the way it should be. The internet can get a bit Wild West even in the good natured world of sport analysis. Any queries or issues with any content just let me know and we’ll work it out nice and easy.
Citius Altius Nerdius is written by Robbie Dale, a London based Scottish sports fan (hence the interest in going ‘beyond results’), writer and wearer of cardigans.

If you’ve got any questions, rants or proposals for me, do say hello.